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13 reasons why might have influenced several to take mental health seriously but, My mad fat diary addresses mental illness better. Selena’s 13 reasons why first aired on Netflix during 2017. The show immediately hit top 1 on NETFLIX. While My Mad Fat Diary first came into our lives during 2014. Being a British show it did not gain much exposure as 13 reasons why.

Revolving around the struggles of an Obese teenage Rae, My Mad Fat Diary reveals the nasty truth about mental illness. The show seems for uplifting than 13 reasons why.13 reasons why has been receiving backlash for romanticizing depression and inspiring teens to suicide. Don’t get me wrong the show does become candid about several issues. However, I’d still choose My Mad Fat Diary over it.

My mad fat diary to the win

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My mad Fat Diary-why you gotta watch it

When we first meet Rae she’s just fresh out of Rehab trying to get back to “normalcy”.Fitting in has never been easy for the weight-conscious teen. Rae has a dark sense of humor which most of us would relate to making the show rather uplifting. The show shows the raw emotions without sugar-coating it. If anyone asks you what Depression looks like, show them My Mad Fat Diary. It rightfully portrays how one feels when they are unable to love themselves. What I love about the show is that it shows how difficult dating could be for someone with body dysmorphia.

There’s so much more to depression than what mainstream media shows us. Rae takes us on her journey of fighting depression. We see her good days, We see her bad days. We see her being happy, socializing with her friends when a wave of insecurity hits her out of nowhere. We see her at her worst striving to survive. All of this makes the show more relatable and real. There are times when all of us are forced to mask our sadness to lift our loved ones up. The show portrays this aspect of emotions through Rae’s best friend Chloe. Chloe tries her best to stay strong for her BFF Rae as she constantly fighting with her own dark thoughts.

The fall of 13 reasons why

Thirteen reasons why speaks about issues like sexual assault, Bullying  Depression, etc. The first season of the show was marvelous, the second was bearable, things began going south since the 3rd season. Gotta give it up to the makers for bringing the being in love with the rapist angle during the third season though. The show could have done better if more focus was given on the storyline or if they had just stuck to the book!



13 reasons why is still airing on Netflix while you can catch My Mad Diary on platforms like Hulu. Watch them both and let us know which show you prefer!




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