Netflix was one of the few companies which flourished amid pandemic times. It has also been a huge savior of mankind as it helped us remain entertained while quarantining. Several wonderful shows and movies were released this year on Netflix and none of them failed to entertain us. Keeping it’s A1 track record in mind here’s a list of movies/series of Netflix originals planned for 2021!:


1)The Minimalists: Less Is Now 

As the name suggests, the show shall be giving us a glimpse of the minimalistic world of today’s consumers. The film’s title was motivated by the well-known adage “Toning it down would be best,” advocated by designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969), who utilized this saying to portray his architectural style; his strategy was one which masterminded the important segments of a structure to make an impression of outrageous straightforwardness. The Minimalists have revamped this expression to make a desire to move quickly for the present buyer culture: right now is an ideal opportunity for less.




Charming, an animated musical is going to give us major Disney vibes when it debuts on Netflix. Inspired by Disney princess stories, like sleeping beauty, cinderella, etc the movie is said to give its own unique take on love. The movie consisting of stars like Demi Lovato, Sia, Ashley Tisdale, Avril Lavigne, and Wilmer Valderna sure does have a promising star cast.

charming on netfl

The movie revolves around the life of a prince who has to live with a rather weird curse of being smitten by every woman he meets. The prince was cursed by his father’s enemy and shall have to find his one true love by the time he turns 21 in order to stop love from disappearing in his land. The musical comedy, directed by Ross Venokur is expected to be an exponential hit.


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3)The White Tiger

Based on Arvind Adiga’s “White Tiger”, it is one of the most anticipated Indian movies of 2021. The Priyanka Chopra and Raj Kumar Rao starrer movie revolve around the struggle of Balarama, a driver to make it huge in the world. Balram Halwai portrays his epic and hazily silly ascent from helpless resident to an effective business visionary in current

India. Sly and aggressive, our young saint maneuvers his way into turning into a driver for Ashok and Pinky, who have quite recently gotten back from America. Society has prepared Balram to be a certain something – a worker – so he makes himself essential to his rich bosses. In any case, following an evening of selling out, he understands the bad lengths they will go to trap him and save themselves.

White Tiger on Netflix


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