Remember those days when we would sit on our couch munching snacks whilst watching Tom and Jerry practically all day?? Guess what we get to relive it for 84 minutes!! YES! Our favorite cat and mouse are coming back for one big chase!

Tom and Jerry movie trailer's released


90’s kids are ya’ll ready?!

Tom and Jerry took on to Twitter to release the trailer for their movie ‘Tom and Jerry’.I tried to not hype myself much as cartoons didn’t really do good as movies in the past few years. But the trailer does justice to the cartoon completely! The vibe it radiates is just perfect. We see Tom wandering around the streets of New York and Jerry causing trouble in a 5-star hotel.IKR typical Jerry! The trailer also rightfully highlights the friendly yet hostile bond that the two share. Everything bout the trailer makes you want to watch the movie right away!


The cast

If Tom and Jerry returning wasn’t exciting enough, wait till you meet the cast!

Popularly known for her role in the desperate housewives, Chloe Grace Mortez plays the role of an assistant manager. Her character seems quirky, innocent yet evil. From the trailer, it’s quite unclear if there’s going to be a villain. I mean was there ever a villain in Tom and Jerry?! But, if there’s one, from the trailer Choelo’s character could be the one.

Michael Peña, known for his roles in American hustle and Fury also makes an appearance as the manager of the hotel. His role seems to be authoritative and comedic simultaneously.

Everyone’s favorite comic Ken Jeong plays the role of a chef. He brings the angry Asian energy into the movie and boy he’s hilarious! 

The rest of the talented cast haven’t made n appearance on the trailer, hoping to see more of them in the trailers to come!

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2D Tom & Jerry in a 3D world


Although the trailer looks promising and makes you quite impatient for the movie, fans aren’t on board with the animation. One fan said that it looks like Tom and Jerry are running around with a beauty filter on. Animated Tom and Jerry may have gotten an upgrade, graphics wise but they haven’t swung too far from the original. Perhaps it’s just a bit weird to see the animated duo in the real world? Anyway few fans are loving how they didn’t try to make Tom & Jerry seem realistic.


Soon in a theater near you..hopefully

Tom &Jerry is set to be released next year on the 5th of March. Warner Bros are hoping to release the movie in theaters. However, due to the very uncertain reality, we are living in right now it’s difficult to predict if they will be able to go ahead with their plans. Well theatrical release or Nah we just can’t wait to watch the movie! Hope the movie lives up to the expectations.


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