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The White Tiger-one of Netflix’s latest releases has been receiving immense appreciation by fans all around the world for its authenticity and amazing directorial and acting skills. Starred by award-winning actors like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Rajkumar Rao the movie surpasses the hype created by it. However, it is Adarsh Gourav who steals the show with his raw acting. You might recognise Adarsh Gaurav from web series like the  Kota factory. He has also worked in several youtube projects of the timeliners,screenpatti,etc. 

The movie revolves around Balram(played by Adarsh Gourav) who strives to move from the rags to riches. Being an adaptation of Aravind Adiga’s award-winning book, White Tiger, the movie does complete justice to it by bringing out the struggles faced by those hailing from the servant classes of India. However, just like any Hollywood movie the White tiger too focuses on the rather poor part of the country.

The White Tiger-A poor man’s saga

The storyteller is Balram. He is savvy and yearning, however, bound to chip away at his family’s tea stand. Detecting a chance, he figures out how to drive, aces the blandishment that the high societies anticipate from their workers, and inveigles himself into a driving position for Ashok (Played by Rajkummar Rao). 

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Balram carries all out faithfulness to his urbane, US-instructed new chief. However, reliability cuts two different ways. At the point when Balram is double-crossed by his bosses, his charming grin turns sour, and ages worth of stifled outrage at long last ejects. Rather than the empathic grasp of Bahrani’s initial movies, this is harder, more negative. Be that as it may, we don’t have to warm to the characters to be excited by this urgently watchable class story.

Don’t trust the trailer

To be honest, the trailer of Iranian-American movie producer Ramin Bahrain’s ‘The White Tiger’ didn’t motivate a lot of eagerness in us and made us accept that it is nevertheless another emotional retelling of an untouchable’s comprehension of India. That it is an augmentation of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ sans that million-dollar question poor people will be celebrated and the rich, disparaged and long, wide b-moves of starved bodies and skinny faces springing up every so often to show the ‘genuine, helpless India’.

The White Tiger

 Wrong! All things considered, ‘The White Tiger’ is a perfect representation of what some may state this nation has been diminished to, with the advantage of a standard flood of money being in the possession of a selected few, while the less wealthy die to clean in light of the fact that lamentably they’re – brought into the world poor, stay poor, figure out how to live poor and kick the bucket poor.

 Be that as it may, in Bahrani’s reality, a troublesome, small scheming rodent called ‘the rich Indian’ is the same as a powerless helpless Indian attempting to remain alive. Balram’s unassuming childhood may have assumed a part in requesting a compensation cut ‘as it was a lot for him’ however it is this equivalent man who utilized bedlam, trickery and turned into a bold numbskull to land the position he thought would change his destiny.


Let’s talk about Priyanka Chopra who has yet again delivered an outstanding performance! Along with fellow actors, Rajkumar Rao and Adarsh Gaurav, Piggy Chopps too brings the bedazzle to the screens. Her role, all though a bit limited plays a prominent role in changing the way Balram’s character thinks and in some way paves the path to his success. She even received praises by her inlaws on Twitter for her performance in the movie.

In conclusion, The white tiger is a must watch as it shows the harsh reality of the poor in India without making it seem to cliche.


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