The weekend’s done with the grammy’s

The Weekend has the world obsessing over his spectacular music, hence it was extremely shocking when none of his songs was nominated for the Grammys. The entire internet stood behind Able and called out the Grammys for getting songs with poor lyrics and straight-up BOP’s like yummy and the one nominations while a masterpiece such as Abel’s did not achieve any nominations. Abel’s finally opening up about it and has stated that the grammy’s don’t mean anything to him anymore. Undeniably, all of us lost a bit of respect for the grammy’s when Able was left out. After Hours would have swooped all the awards if it had gotten nominated without any doubt.

The weekend


The Weeknd is finally opening up about being censured by the 2021 GRAMMY Awards. The 30-year-old artist covers Billboard’s most recent issue, and, in the going with meet, uncovers that getting zero GRAMMY assignments for his fundamentally and fan-acclaimed collection, After Hours, changed how he feels about the GRAMMYs he’s as of now won. 


The Weeknd recently won three GRAMMYs; R&B Performance and Urban Contemporary Album in 2016, and the last honour again in 2018. 

“See, I for one don’t mind any longer. I have three GRAMMYs, which make no difference to me now, clearly,” he says. “Dislike, ‘Goodness, I need the GRAMMY!’ It’s simply that this occurred, and I’m down to get before the fire, as long as it never happens again. I suck at giving talks at any rate. Disregard entertainment ceremonies.” 

The Weeknd, he says, feels as though the GRAMMYs reprimand was “an assault.” “I utilize a sucker punch as a similarity, since its the only sort of hit me out of the blue,” he tells Billboard. “I certainly felt… things. I couldn’t say whether it was trouble or outrage. I think it was simply disarrayed.” 

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“I simply needed answers. Like, ‘What occurred?’ We did everything right, I think,” he proceeds. “I’m not an arrogant individual. I’m not haughty. Individuals revealed to me I planned to get named. The world advised me, similar to, ‘This is it; this is your year.’ We were all exceptionally befuddled.” At the hour of the November elections, The Weeknd says he got messages of stun and backing from “individuals I haven’t addressed in a long time, the whole music local area, every one of my friends.” 

Able snubs grammys

While past reports proposed that The Weeknd’s absence of designations was because of a difference over his arrangement to perform at both the Super Bowl and the GRAMMYs – a claim Recording Academy Chair and Interim President/CEO Harvey Mason Jr. recently denied, and one that sources to a great extent dissipated to ET – the vocalist thinks it was because of something different altogether.


What’s The Weekend up to these days


As summer melts away, he’s started to investigate different opportunities for associating with the world, similar to the TikTok-facilitated virtual “experience” he offered fans in lieu of his live show. His concentration as the year advances is on working out the tale of After Hours: a desolate, risky, endless evening of depravity and tumult that could wind up inclination all in all too genuine for everybody confining at home. 

The weekend gets a plastic surgery

That hasn’t left him much an ideal opportunity to tune in to new music. Asked what he’s been tuning in to this year, he experiences a mental blackout. He’s pulling for Roddy Ricch and Megan Thee Stallion, however, and he relates to the incalculable craftsmen who have attempted to get their vocations going this year.

The artist has kept that equivalent energy as the year has advanced. His TikTok experience served as a pledge drive for the Equal Justice Initiative, a not-for-profit that plans to end mass imprisonment in America; watchers raised $350,000. That very week, Tesfaye gave $300,000 to Global Aid for Lebanon, following the dangerous blast in Beirut.


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