The Office didn’t air this?!

“The office” treated their fans with some unseen footage in order to celebrate moving to their new streaming platform, Peacock. In the video, Jim Halpert hires around 30 people to trick Dwight Schrute into thinking that his assistance would be required to free humanity. Jim goes all the way to recreate the matrix as he is able to get security guard Hank, played by the Late actor Hugh Dane. Just like the matrix, Hugh provides Dwight with two pills whose consumption could be life-altering. Dwight takes everyone by surprise as he chooses the simpler nondwighty choice. Jim soon regrets it as he realizes that he hired 30 people for nothing.

The Office
Hugh Dane The Office Matrix Cold Open
Credit: Peacock

Peacock-The Office’s new home

The office was originally aired through 2005-2013. However, thanks to OTT platforms like Netflix, today a whole new generation is able to binge on the comedic series. The Office has been reportedly been streamed for around 52 billion times during 2018 alone. Imagine the number of time people must have spent watching it during 2020! In peacock, fans will be able to view the first 2 seasons for free. However, viewers would have to pay a small amount of 4.99$ in order to gain a monthly subscription to the platform.

The writers and editors of the show seem to be the most excited about this new partnership. Bringing the show back home to NBC means that they would be able to release several unseen footage and bloopers of the show. The editors will be making peacock the ultimate destination for all “The Office” fans.

Where are the stars now?

During its original run time “The Office” won around 5 Emmys, a Peabody award. Steve Carrel won a golden globe for his remarkable performance as Michael Scott. The stars have made it huge after the show. Steve Carrel who played the role of Michael Scott bagged several movies and shows after the show. He even got nominated for an Oscar for his work in Foxcatcher.

John Krasinski, who portrayed the role of Jim Halpert made it huge on the big screen as an actor and a director. He is popularly known for his movie,” A quiet place”.Jhon directed and acted in this masterpiece alongside his wife, Emily Blunt.

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Jenna Fischer, known for her role as Pam in the show, took on a few minor roles on T.V shows. Currently, Jenna along with co-star  Angela Kinsey, who played the role of Angela in the show has a podcast called the “Office Ladies” together. They use the platform to reveal behind the scenes secrets and gossip with their fans.





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