Boss Baby’s back

In The Boss Baby Family Business, we see our itty bitty kid get large! On the 24th, Universal released a trailer for the latest addition to the Boss Baby franchise. The movie introduces us to a rather grown-up Boss baby who goes by the name “Ted”.And Ted low key looks like Donald Trump, not gonna lie! In the movie, Tim and Ted are all grown up with obs and families. From the looks of it, as expected Bossy baby grew up to be a business tycoon! Tim is shown as a family guy cozying up with his wife and 2 kids.


Who’s in charge? It’s Tina the new Boss Baby

There’s a new boss in town-Tina, Tim’s toddler! The very first boss baby movie gave us a hint that the family business shall continue. Looks like they followed the plot. In the new movie, we will be seeing Tina -the new boss baby bossing around the OG boss. However, unfortunately, it looks like Tim and Ted grew apart as they grew up. Although, Tina is going to reunite them making them help her take down an evil professor. The professor, Edwin Armstrong, is trying to raise an army of bad babies by teaching them to misbehave. Baby Corp needs to stop him as this will affect baby love by decreasing it subsequently.

Boss baby Tina

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Sneaky lil babies

Everything is connected!! Honestly, we should have seen the new movie coming. On Netflix, The show Boss baby back in business season 4 just came to an end recently. In the season finale, we see BB achieve his dream of getting baby love to 100%. The finale also shows boss baby throwing away all his special formula and embracing the normal baby life. It’s only practical for the sequel movie to revolve around grown-up Tim and Ted. However, Tim and Ted have to become kids again as they attempt to help baby corp yet again.

The age reversal formula

Baby corp has done the impossible! Baby Corp has created an age reversal formula that Ted and Tim will use to become kids again. Imagine if such a product existed in real life. The Kardashians would have bought the entire stock! Anyway, the trailer has left us with a lot of excitement and several questions. Like, What happened to Jimbo and Staci? Where are the triplets? And why does Ted look like Donald Trump?! Hopefully, we’ll get some answers when the movie comes out.


Boss Baby the family business is going to hit theaters on March 26, 2021! We are elated to meet all the new editions to the Templeton family, How about you?!



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