The political tandav

Saif Ali Khan starer Tandav has been receiving a dose of the political medicine ever since it premiered on amazon prime. The political satire effortlessly portrays the current political situation of the country. However, the show has been receiving immense outrage from a small section online. Unfortunately, this small group consists of people with great political power like Yogi Adityanath who is the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh  BSP Mayawati and  BJP MP Manoj Kotak to name a few. Currently, the show has around 2 FIRs against it registered in UP for hurting the sentiments of Hindus by showcasing Hindu gods like Vishnu in a bad light.


Tandav-the story

Tandav is set in New Delhi, the capital of the world’s largest democracy, India. The show takes its viewers into the political world of the country, unravelling it’s deepest darkest secrets. The quite realistic portrayal of the Indian political scene is what makes the show unique. Maybe the show is indeed inspired by real-life events. For example, in the very first episode, we see that the police officials have arrested a college student by forcefully entering the college campus for attending a protest. Which is undoubtedly something that has actually happened in the past


The controversial series is a star-studded affair. Tandav consists of all your favourite stars from the big screen as well as youtube! Yes, even the tiniest role is played by someone whom you love! Kudos to the casting director on that! Here’s a list of all your favourite stars who appear on the show; Saif Ali Khan, the main lead plays the role of a politician in the show. Veteran actor Dimple Kapadia also plays an important role in the series. Crime Patrol fame Anup Soni also appears in the show playing an important role. Tv stars, Krithika Kamra and Gauhar Khan also have crucial cameos in the political satire.

Protestors uninstall amazoan prime

The IMDB ratings of the show have been hit drastically due to the ongoing controversy. Tandav which otherwise deserves at least 8/10 has fallen to 3.5 and the outrage it’s been receiving on social media is the one to be blamed. Several social media campaigns have begun aimed at dropping the ratings of the show. Backed by celebs like Kangana Ranaut the show might actually dip to a 1-star rating if things remain unchanged. However, the makers of Tandav have issued an apologetic statement for hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus. But, it looks like netizens won’t back down until the scenes are removed from the show.


Ram Kadam along with BJP supporters marched to Mumbai’s BKC police station to file an FIR  against Tandav. The protestors even uninstalled the amazon prime app as a mark of protest. However, according to amazon the viewership has just been raising since its debut and don’t intend to remove the scenes or the show from the platform any time soon. So why exactly are people pissed off ?! Firs have been lodged against a scene that appears in the very first episode. In the scene, we see a college play which portrays a rather modern depiction of Hindu mythologies. The scene in short just puts across the idea that the people don’t want freedom from the country but want to be free in the country.

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While its difficult to understand if the outrage is rational or not it surely does not seem like any major action shall be taken against the show or the platform any time soon. However, it seems a little unnecessary at the moment as the show doesn’t show anything extremely derogatory. Although, Saif Ali Khan’s been provided with protection as authorities speculate tensions to rise around the situation in the near future.



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