Supernatural bids goodbye.

After 15 glorious years, our favorite demon hunters, Sam and Dean bid goodbye as they go for one final hunt. Supernatural first aired in 2005. And during all these years the show hasn’t provided even a single boring episode. During the show we see Sam and Dean fight demons, ghouls, and all kinds of supernatural entities. From fighting vampires to fighting God himself, it has been a heck of a ride, hasn’t it? The pandemic caused a delay in the airing of the final season. However, it’s been finally made available on all streaming platforms and the ending is just simple and touching.

Supernatural bids goodbye


Fans react to the finale

Twitter has spent the last few days sobbing over the finale of supernatural. Being on-air for more than a decade it sure does mark the end of an era. And the fans aren’t ready for it. They’ll never be ready for it. Although fans are sad that the shown is ending,  their reaction towards the finale episode is mixed. The finale epi is an emotional rollercoaster by itself. However, it lacked the element of surprise. Don’t get me wrong there are several surprises in the episode. But everything happens so fast that you don’t get the chance to grasp everything.

In addition to fans pouring their emotions out on Twitter, Samantha smith and Misha collins too joined the sobs party. Samantha Smith, who played the role of Mary, took to Twitter to express how much she is going supernatural. Collins, who played Cass posted a pic of his sobbing eyes as he watched the final episode with his kids.

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Was it the ending we deserved?

If you haven’t watched it yet then this would be the right time to scroll away. Because SPOILERS INCOMING. The ending is controversial yet soothing. I appreciate the director for giving the show a proper ending instead of ending rather abruptly. When episode 19 aired it pretty much felt like an ending too. It would have probably made a rather controversial ending. However, the makers took the liberty to show the fans what happens after God is defeated by the Winchesters and Jack.

We get to see the aftermath. And the way the makers have provided an ending to our favorite characters is just spectacular. Most of the time TV shows end abruptly, providing scope to viewers to make their ending for each character. Supernatural, however, provides a complete ending. There are no missing pieces for the fans to find. Dean dies and Sam has a son who’s named Dean.

Sam’s life on earth after Dean’s departure revolves around his family. When Sam’s on his death- bed, his son tells him it’s time to leave. This is when we get a glimpse of the hunter’s tattoo on his son’s arm. Thereby interpreting that the Winchester’s family business shall be carried on even after the death of Sam and Dean. We soon find out that Dean made it to heaven and is later on joined by his baby brother Sam.×900


This is the true definition of a perfect ending. An appropriate ending to all the characters involved.Just an example of astounding storytelling. It’s going to take us a while to recover from the fact that supernatural waved us goodbye.



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