In a rare sighting over the weekend, Rob Kardashian emerged on social media flaunting his new weight loss, looking happier and healthier than ever before. Over the weekend, the Kar Jenner family gathered together to celebrate Khloe’s 36th birthday. In typical Kardash fashion, the party was complete with all things PINK. It includes balloons, those massive flower bouquets, giant inflatables and tasty sweets.

Khloe also featured a brand new look as she dyed her hair dark brown, as seen by her most recent Instagram post. She took to Instagram Sunday to share some new glamour shots of her new look. She wrote, “Birthday Glam — Tomorrow I’m flooding my time-line with party pics. Btw… I’m loving my brown hair. I never thought I would say that lol blonde still owns my heart but this brown is giving me a little something right now.”

Rob Kardashian’s recent pic of weight loss


The Unexpected breakthrough

But after scrolling through all the photos from the weekend, fans were quick to notice that Khloe wasn’t the only one who had undergone a major transformation. In a rare sighting, Rob Kardashian was spending the weekend celebrating his big sis’ birthday. It was according to the photos in his account, and spoiler alert: He’s BACK and looking better than ever before. Although it appears that Rob’s Instagram account is still run by “Jenner Communications” AKA Momager Kris. Either the pics are on his behalf or he is OK to post a few photos.

Rob Kardasshian

In the first photo, Rob shared a throwback of him and Khloe, writing, “Happy Birthday Khlo-monmoneyWoohoo! I LOVE YOU best friend! TONIGHT WE DRINK AS KINGS‼️ (inside joke).” In the next set of photos, fans saw how happy and healthy Rob was as he put photos of chatting with Scott Disick and posing with Tristan Thompson. It has the caption, “Woo back baby!” He also shared another photo posing with Kourtney, writing, “Sweet 16,” which Kris Jenner also reposted on her page.

Kris also shared another photo of four out of six of her children, Rob included, posing candidly and looking like they were having a great time. Fans couldn’t help but point out how great Rob looks, sharing comments on Kris’ photo ranging from, “Rob looks so good!” to “Ok but Rob!” and “Come through Rob K!” among many flame emojis.


Rob’s Inspiration

Rob has clearly come a long way since his split and ongoing legal issues with Blac Chyna, as well as his battle with depression and type 2 diabetes back in 2015. Kris said that Rob had put on 100 pounds at one point. It could be his almost-decision to attend a live-in facility “where he can be 100 perpers concussed on losing weight.” Sources also said that during that time, his biggest motivator was his daughter Dream. He said, “He needs an extra push and this could the way to do it. At home, there are distractions and it’s easy to fall off course with his eating and working out”.

He feels like at a live-in facility, he could get the big jump start that he needs.”  They could not confirm if Rob was attending. It seems that whatever he has been doing over the past few years has been paying off. Rob made a rare public appearance back in November to attend Kendall’s Halloween birthday party. That was the first photo he has shown of himself in over a year.



Recent updates

Earlier this week, he shared a rare photo of Dream. It must’ve sparked something in him to share even more, and we’re honestly not mad about it. Aside from totally thirst trapping Rob via Kris Jenner’s photo, many fans legitimately just missed seeing Rob so happy. One user took to Twitter to share this  sweet message saying, “Can we talk about how amazing @robkardashian looks!! Wow, keep up the good work Rob you’re an amazing father and brother!!! Love to see you smile.” Another fan tweeted, “Look at Rob! I have a sick attachment to this family and seeing Kardashian smile is the mood booster we all NEED RIGHT NOW.”

Pretty sure it goes without saying that we’re all so proud of Rob for pushing through his struggles. And he is bettering himself to give his daughter the best life possible. We can’t wait to see what he does next.


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