Raji -An ancient epic nominated at the Game Awards 2020

India celebrates today as for the first time ever an Indian game achieves nomination at the Game Awards. Raji-An’ ancient epic has introduced the Indian gaming scene into the big leagues. By gaining nomination in the Game Awards under the best debut game category. This is the first time ever a game emerging from India has been able to leave a mark Internationally.

The gameplay revolves around a girl known as Raji. Raji has to rescue her kidnapped brother by fighting several demons on the way. The creators have depicted Hindu mythology in the game whilst the setting is Rajasthani.

Raji-ancient epic


About the game

Raji-An ancient epic was hit markets back in August for 2020. It was brought into the world of PC games  on October. The developers had to face several hurdles before being able t finally release the game. Although the initial development process began in 2018 the developers had a tough time raising funds to keep it going. No leading publisher was rapt to launch the game.

The developer practically went bankrupt and had to forcefully sell her house to keep the project going on. The developers participated in unreal games where they received the recognition they were striving for. Today, the game is finally available to play and is already making history! That should be a tight slap on the faces of those who initially rejected the game.


Drawing inspiration from the Hindu mythologies of Ramayan and Mahabharata, the game provides eyegsamic visuals! So far the game has been receiving positive reviews for its storyline, themes, and gameplay. Gamers who’ve played the game are urging people to play it before coming to any conclusions about it. The game is blowing up on steam with a 9/10 rating. The game has been able to achieve 4.5 stars by users worldwide.

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Rooting for Raji


Ever since the nominations have been out the entire world has been rooting for the win of Raji-an ancient epic. However, an Indian game achieving nomination calls for a celebration itself. The developer upon being nominated said, that the nomination puts India on the map when it comes to game development.  This is the first time a game made in India, has been able to make it to such a spot. The developer was also seen raising concerns about the Indian gaming world. Raising concerns about the fact that Indian developers are mostly into mobile games due to their easy money-making nature. This nomination is helping  Prime Minister Modi push his vision of Make In India further.


This nomination is already a huge win for the nation. Winning the award will just make India feel more proud. This in turn has led to bulk orders for the game, the game may soon become a Million dollar franchise. We hope the deserving games swoop all the awards at the Gaming Awards 2020!



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