Bey hive’s got no chill

Britney Spears calling herself “Queen B” influences Beyonce’s Bey hive to BUZZ in sheer outrage. etc it be known now that, according to the Beyhive, there is only ONE Queen B in the universe, and if you’re anyone with a pulse, you would know that this specific name, that holds years and years of majestic power, has long been designated to  Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter.

The "Queen B's"

Britney was basically the reigning icon of the ‘90s, but when crossing into ‘queen’ territory,beyhive lost it. This began on Wednesday when Britney took to social media. It was an attempt to share a joyous post about a nickname pertaining to a position of high power and a certain honey-producing insect. However, the entire fandom found it infuriating. They were clearly not having it.



Why is the Beyhive furious?

Brit shared this post featuring bee and crown, writing, “To all my fans who call me Queen B…. I believe this would be more accurate!!!” First off, WHO actually says this? And whoever does say this, can we do some sort of welfare check on them? Like, are they legitimately ok? Anyway, if we didn’t know before, now we are well-aware of one sure-fire way to get the attention of Beyonce’s Beyhive is to simply allow another artist to borrow her ‘Queen B’ title.

Maybe this was an honest mistake on Brit’spart, as many fans call her“Queen” or “a queen” by her fan. However, “queen” and “Queen B” are two very different references. Just seconds after sharing this photo to her Instagram account, fans found it shocking that Brit apparently wasn’t aware of Beyonce’s nickname, which would make sense if one wasn’t a huge fan of Beyonce… but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Britney’s response to the Beyhive

Many pointed out that Britney seems to bewell-aware of just who Beyonce is considering she shared a commercial with Bey back in 2004. Not to mention, Britney also quoted Beyoncein a recent post back in April, when confronting social media trolls. In the post, Brit wrote that she was going to take a note from Beyonce “because I am FLAWLESS!!!!!” adding, “But seriously keep your mean comments to yourselves.”

It only took a few minutes for “Queen B” to begin trending throughout social media, when many fans took some time to educate Briton a little bit of pop culture knowledge. One user tweeted, “Love Britney, but QueenB honey? We all know Beyoncé is Queen B.” Another user was defending Bey by saying“I’ve never heard a single fan call her Queen B…” However, this fandom war has appeared to simmer down as many are aware of Beyonce’s nickname, yet defending Britney.

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Who’s the real Queen B?

One fan wrote, “Listen we all know who QueenB is….sis is literally King B by now…BUT what yall ain’t gonna do comes for Britney. My sis is at home twirling in her little shorts enjoying life so leave her alone.” Another user was claiming that it wasn’t Britney who was addressing herself as queen B’, saying, “genuinely don’t understand why the hive is taking offense to Britney’s post when she didn’t say she’s the queen bee.

A few fans called her that on myspace once and she saw it. That’s it lol we all know beyoncé is queen there’s no denying.” Others are claiming that there doesn’t just have to be one ‘queen’ as Brit, Beyonce and even Lil Kim have all been given the name at one point in their career.

This fan tweeted, “It’s 2020 stop pitting women against each other. Britney was called queen b before Bey, Lilkim was called queen b before both. Does it really matter to you? Are you hurt because of that?”  This whole thing has turned into less of a war . Emerging into an understanding between two fandoms as we can’t help but stan BOTH! For more on the REAL Queen B, click right over here to check out another Clevver video.

Then be sure to let me know all your thoughts on Britney’s bold claim and the Beyhive’s response right down here in the comments.


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