What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans, which was launched in 2016, has been gaining immense popularity ever since A-list celebrities began joining it during 2020. So what exactly is only fans? It’s a platform where creators make exclusive content for their subscribers. What makes it unique is that artists directly get paid by their subscribers for the content. Several users have been able to earn millions of dollars by showcasing nudity on the app. So are celebs taking the nudity path too? Well few of them are. Here’s a list of celebs with onlyfans accounts:

Cardi B has Onlyfans!

Yes you read it right, Cardi B now owns an onlyfans account. Quite shocking to see her on an app that is infamously used for making money out of nudity, Isn’t it? However, Cardi B seems hellbound on keeping her account pg-13. She clearly told her fans that she won’t be posting anything raunchy on there. And would be using the platform to give her fans exclusive glimpses into her life. Her account was initially available to subscribe at 9.9$. However, Cardi has reduced it to 4.4$ now. She says her fans spend too much on her merch already so it wouldn’t be fair. Thanks for being so considerate Cradi!

 Miichael B Jordan

 Michael B Jordan’s on onlyfans ya’ll! Michael, who dazzled us with his performance in Black Panther as Erik Killmonger is showing off his physique on the platform! Although filled with steamy pictures he isn’t on the app as a feast for our eyes. In fact, every penny he is able to raise from the platform goes to several charities. Michael B Jordan’s literally shaking his ass to save the world.

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Bella Throne

Bella throne leaves her Disney days far behind as she joins Onlyfans.The queen of scandals faced criticism when she first made an account. Her subscriptions ranged from 50$ to 100$. Throne even sold a picture for 200$. Several sex workers did not appreciate this move. However, Bella was able to make a million dollars on her first day.




Austin Mahone

Austin’s really doing the dirty work” as he raises the heat with his onlyfans account. Austin was known as the second JB ever since his cover began gaining popularity back in 2011, He produced some chartbusters like Say you’re just a friend and mmh yeah back in 2014. However, the artist hasn’t left his singing days behind. Even though, he’s busy creating steamy videos for his fans he makes time to produce music.

austin s on onlyfans




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