Netflix’s Stream-fest 


Tiered of torrenting your favorite shows? Netflix has your back! The leading streaming platform is going to provide 2 days of free streaming to Indian Users from December 4th. This offer is going to be a part of a promotional event known as Stream-fest. India is going to be used as the testing ground for this offer. Upon success, in India  Stream-fest will be made available worldwide. Users will not be asked to provide their credit card details while availing of this offer. Unlike the 30 days free trial offer which Netflix recently withdrew. According to Netflix even though the free trials aren’t available anymore, users can still take advantage of its no cancellation fees.


Here’s a list of Netflix originals that you gotta watch during the stream-fest! Don’t worry most of these shows only have few seasons out. Easy peasy!:


1)  Mind Hunters

If you are into weird murder mystery shows, Mind hunters is a must watch! It revolves around an FBI agent who strives to understand why criminals commit such twisted crimes. Set in a time around 1980’ the show takes us to a time when the FBI was very new and was still developing several departments.The department that the lead tries to create deals with understanding the psychology of the criminals. It tries to develop better mental healthcare strategies in the early stages of the complexities and lower criminal potentials of a human. Also, to deal with possible similar cases in the future tediously. Netflix really nailed it with this show!

Netflix's Mind hunters


2)The Duchess

The Duchess is an astounding  Netflix special comedy series. Katherine, who’s a single mom decides to gift her daughter a sibling as a birthday gift. The show revolves around the kind of relationship Katherine has with her once-famous ex. The series is uplifting as it depicts the real-life scenario of a dysfunctional ex-couple. As they try to make things work through their differences for their child.

The Duchess


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3)The Witcher

It follows the tale of a witcher, an immortal being who walks on earth killing devious creatures. Being a mythical setting this Netflixs special shows witches, giants, elves, etc, and humans striving to live aside each other. It’s a must-watch for people who are into fantasy dramas like Game of thrones.

the witcher


4)A suitable boy-Top 10 on Netflix India

Reloving around a simple Indian college girl Latha’s love life, A suitable boy gives portrays the arranged marriage scene during the newly liberated India. The series is simple with amazing comedic timing. It gives viewers an insight into the dating scene in India. The series also speaks about the hurdles a Hindu-Muslim couple encounters in India. Additionally, it highlights the struggles Muslims and newly migrated Hindus from today’s Pakistan faced in “free” India.

a suitable boy

These were just a few of many shows to binge on Netflix! Say adios to those space-consuming torrents and enjoy the stream festival to its fullest! We hope this promotion event succeeds and Netflix is able to do such events every year!



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