MCU enters 2021 with WandaVision

A new year new dawn so it is for the MCU as its hugely successful infinity saga having had reached its climax rather spectacularly with its major movie endgame cementing its spot as the highest-grossing movie of all time. MCU has become one of the most successful franchises of all time and it seems they have just gotten started, with their ambitious phase 4 kicking off after much delay with its new Disney plus series wandavision.


WandaVision was first announced at comic con 2019 with the rest of its ambitious phase 4 with Disney’s MCU getting into a new era of TV shows with the launch of its streaming platform Disney plus.

The announcement and the subsequent trailer left all the MCU fans in a frenzy as Paul Bethany reprises his role of vision who was last shown effectively dead with a chunk of his forehead torn out by Thanos in an effort to retrieve the mind stone which powered the android. With the anticipation growing more and more as the day slowly ticks to 15th January when it is said to release its first episode.

WandaVision is said to comprise a total of nine episodes, more than what was speculated. The show in a true MCU fashion has been extremely secretive with the trailer being mind-boggling leaving fans with more questions confirming Olsen’s comment “It’s gonna get weird”. Does the trailer set the tone of a sitcom with Wanda and vision being a happily married couple? Also not to mention being shot in black and white well until its suddenly not suggesting different eras and timelines well as Olsen aptly put it it’s weird.

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What we do know is that WandaVision is going to set the stage for the rest of the MCU movies and series conforming to the MCU’s tradition of everything is connected. There also has been surprising characters Kat Dennings who played the role of Darcy Lewis the goofy assistant of Jane Foster, Thor’s love interest, is set to reprise her role and is hinted to have a large role as the actress had expressed her surprise and also admitted that Darcy fans might be thrilled with the new character development.

Other notable but surprising character returns include Jimmy Woo who in the MCU is an FBI agent seen in Antman and the Wasp though in comics he’s regarded as a shield agent, the role will be reprised by Randall Park. Also, a grown-up Monica Rambeau played by Lashana Lynch.

Whatever it be one thing for sure when it comes to MCU we are gonna be in one hell of a ride.





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