Maradona passes away

Football legend Diego Maradona took his last breath on 25 th November at his residence in Tigre, Argentina. The player’s sudden demise was a result of a cardiac arrest. Diego has been worshiped by his fans ever since he led Argentina to win the world cup in 1986. He underwent surgery earlier for a brain clot. The neurologist who treated him claims that the brain clot could be a result of an accident. However, Maradona was sent home to recover just a week after he underwent the surgery. On 30th October he celebrated his 60 the b’day and was seen attending Gimnasia’s national championship match. However, he left the stadium way before the match came to an end, raising concerns about his health.

RIP Maradona


Maradona’s druggie days

Other than being a fabled footballer, Maradona is infamously known worldwide for his drug abuse. During the 1994 world cup which held in the USA, he was sent home for failing his drug test. Diego just played two matches in the tournament before being caught doping on ephedrine. After the incident, he has been in and out of the football scene as a coach. 

Maradona dug his own grave through excessive eating, alcoholism,  drug abuse leading to a near-death experience in 2000. However, he charmed the management by proving that his skills and love for the game could be handy. He was soon able to convince them to hire him as a coach.

Maradona-The god

Back home in Argentina, Maradona is hailed as ‘El-Dios’ meaning the god. He made a stunning comeback to the game back in 2008 as a coach. He was able to guide the players to several wins during his time as a coach. The Argentinian people will never forget the major role he played in leading them to victory during the world cup. And for this, he will always be forgiven said his lawyer.

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The world goes into mourning 

After the news of the sad demise of Maradona broke out, his fans all around the world into a frenzy. The legend’s coffin has been kept for display for the fans to wave a final goodbye at Casa Rosada. The nation will also be going into 3 days of mourning to pay respect to the national hero. In order to pay homage to the football legend, the Indian sports council has gone into 3-day mourning.






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