Jessy leaves Little Mix

Jessy Nelson  Zayn’d out of Little Mix two days ago. The 29-year-old singer went on Instagram to announce her exit from the band. In her post, she explains that this tough decision was made in order to focus more on her mental health. Jessy was unable to handle the pressure that came with stardom. She said meeting the expectations of her fans was taking a toll on her mental health. And now wants to do something which will truly make her happy. The official Twitter handle of LM tweeted a series of tweets supporting their ex-members’ decision unconditionally. They’ll always love her.

Twitter on Nelson leaving Little Mix

Soon after her announcement, Jessy removed Little Mix from her bio and even added a new professional email id. According to her fans, Jessy even quit following LM’s manager, Samantha Cox. However, Samantha still follows Jessy. The rest of the band too, continue to follow the stars’ social media. Looks like there’s no bad blood there. Although Jessy nelson and Chris Hughes haven’t seen each other in ages, he was quick to come out in support of the singer. Along with Chris,1D fame, Liam Payne too sent his best wishes to Jessy.

Liam playfully suggested that she Zayn’d out of LM. Liam opens up and explains that it’s basically exactly why Zayn left one direction back in 2015. And that he understands why Jessy would take such a step.

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Jessy has been very open about her mental health in the past. She fell into the dark hands of internet trolls who would constantly body shame her. The ex LM member would starve herself for days in order to meet the unrealistic beauty standards set by the internet. In her heartbreaking statement, Jessy becomes candid and says that she wants to be known as Jessy. And not as Jessy the Fat one. Even though the fans aren’t elated about Jessy leaving they understand her reasoning and are showering her with support online.

Jessy leaves Little Mix


Little Mix is the brainchild of Simon Cowell. He put the girls together during the eighth edition of the British version of X-Factor. During the show, the band gave tough competition to their opponents and went on to win the show. They are also the very first group to win in X-factor. Seeing Jessy walk away after 9 years is truly heartbreaking. As far as her future’s concerned, she says she unsure what it holds but’s excited about it. We hope Jessy cherishes whatever path she takes and lives a happy life.



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