Justin Bieber forgot the words again!

Oops, Justin Bieber did it again! The 26-year-old singer forgot the lyrics to his own song once again during his New Years’ eve performance. He reportedly fumbled while performing one of his old hits,” Sorry”. The song made it huge during its debut and is rumored to have been written for Selena Gomez. Justin was performing in the Beverly Hilton Hotel during New Year’s eve when he forgot the lyrics to his song. The event was live-streamed, with few in house attendees enjoying the show in the balconies of the venue. There was a delay of about 15 minutes  due to increased internet traffic 

Justin Bieber 's NYE performance


This isn’t the first time Justin Bieber has forgotten the words to his popular tunes. Back in 2017, JB received backlash for forgetting the lyrics to his then latest remix of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s,despacito. Although in Justin’s defense he just doesn’t Habla Espanol! Furious fans at Stockholm’s Summerburst Music Festival threw bottles and shoes at him for forgetting the lyrics.JB hadn’t originally planned to perform the Spanish hit.

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However, obliging to his fans’ request he went on to perform it. He went on to sing the words blah blah blah during his  Spanish hook of the son as he was unable to recall and pronounce the words correctly. He apologized to his fans on stage too. However, the fans were just not having it back then.


JB might have lowkey bombed his New Year’s Eve performance but his latest single Anyone has made a chart-busting debut. Justin Bieber introduced the BOP to the world during his performance at the Beverly Hilton and has ever since received positive reactions. The music video too was out for the song at the same time. In the video we see JB in a boxing cage, punching his way through 2021!


While in quarantine, Justin Bieber along with his wife Hailey Bieber gave us major goals with their cooking videos. Hailey was quick to back up beau as she posted a picture of his performance, captioning it “I’m so proud of you”. The couple cleaned up very well as they posed in glamorous outfits after the show. Anyone being a hit we just can’t wait to listen to what JB’s brewed in his new album.



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