John Cena debuts on Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious 9 promises to be more Fast and Furious as John Cena joins in on the fun. A few months ago the action thriller franchise released a trailer to it’s latest addition, Fast and Furious 9. In the trailer we see Cena bring his notorious yet charismatic self to the movie screen as he vaults his way to cause trouble for his on-screen bother Dom, who is played by the king of action movies, Vin Diesel. The trailer reveals that there’s some kind of tension between the two equally smart and strong brothers. It also blesses us with  glimpses of little Brian


The cast is trying to stay hush and is refraining from disclosing any deets about the upcoming thriller. However, entertainment tonight was able to catch a quick interview with John Cena about his role in  Fast and Furious 9. The very hesitant actor turned wrestler refused to spill any tea about his much-awaited performance. Although when questioned about being the villain figure in the movie, Cena said he wants the fans to judge if he’s really the evil one once the movie’s out. Cena plays the role of a professional assassin in the latest instalment of F9. As far as the plot is concerned, it looks like Cipher has hired Jacob(played by John Cena) to find and kill Dom’s family.

John Cena in FF9


The entire crew of Fast and Furious is still healing from the loss of Paul Walker who unfortunately passed away in an accident back in 2013. During this time Fast and Furious 7 was still in the process of being shot and Paul’s brother was forced to step into his brother’s show to finish the last few shots which Paul was unable to finish. It’s no secret that Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were brothers in real life too and shared a unique bond with each other.

When Vin was asked about choosing John Cena for the role, he disclosed that it felt like a sign from Paul. Vin Diesel further explained that every now and then it feels like Paul sends people his way who happen to say just the right words at the moment. According to Vin Cena’s the perfect man to do the job as he feels the similar brother-like bond with Cena like he did with Paul.

John Cena says it’s worth the wait

Fast and Furious 9 also had to be pushback due to Covid and fans weren’t really happy about it. Indeed, even Vin Diesel wasn’t too elated about it as he expressed his disapproval on Twitter by tweeting about the fact that people need movies now more than ever! Cena and Diesel’s remarks come after the Covid pandemic essentially upset the dramatic window.

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Before the infection hit, merchants would need to stand by a quarter of a year after a film debuted in auditoriums prior to delivering it on streaming and PVOD. Be that as it may, with the pandemic keeping theatres shut and merchants edgy for money, Disney and Warner Bros. have been delivering films on their separate web-based features  Disney+ and HBO Max the exact day as their dramatic introduction. For Disney, this incorporates Mulan and the forthcoming Raya and the Last Dragon, while Warner Bros. has chosen to the equivalent for its whole 2021 film setup.


John Cena’s year is going, to begin with, a bang as Fast and Furious: The Saga is set to hit the theatres on 28th May. Additionally, fans have been speculating his return to WWE. He initially left WWE after he lost a 4-way on Raw claiming to have been injured severely which made him unfit to fight further. However, neither Cena nor his representatives have disclosed any information about his WWE return.


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