Does Taylor Swift sign for help?

Fans worry as Taylor Swift supposedly uses a domestic violence help sign during her interview with Kimmel. The singer recently made record-breaking sales with her albums folklore and evermore a. Taylor was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show to talk about her latest album Evermore. What looks like a normal interview to most of us, looks like a cry for help to a few swifties. Fans believe she used the #SgnForHelp which domestic violence victims use to ask for help. While they were discussing her new album Taylor signs the gestures as she says the word code. This caught the attention of several fans and they are now genuinely concerned about her safety. 

Fans try to help Taylor Swift

Confusion erupts on social media platforms as people debate about Taylor Swift’s safety. Several fans are trying to navigate around the fact that this isn’t receiving the attention it deserves. Really, why isn’t anyone talking about such a serious situation? Fans are hellbound that Taylor’s action on Jimmy Kimmel Live clearly felt like she was seeking help. However, a few Twitter users have come forward to give a detailed explanation.


One user explains that the sign has to be used in private. And is not meant to be used on television as it would beat its purpose. Using it on air means that the abuser would be able to torture the victim more. As he/she would be aware of the victim seeking help. While this explanation seems to be assuring, fans still continue to worry about the singer.

Taylor Swift on Jimmy Kimmel

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Just a theory

Neither Taylor Swift nor her close ones have confirmed or denied these theories. However, her publicist  Tree Paine sneakily told us that it isn’t what it looks like. The publicist reportedly liked a tweet that said it just seems like a normal gesture and people are simply overreacting. One user even highlights that the actual help sign begins with raising a hand. Although no confirmation has been given about the news being faux majority are convinced that it is indeed just a theory. People are mostly just reading too much into it.


2020 has been a remarkable year for Taylor’s career. Her albums folklore and evermore both debuted in the top 10. Taylor Swift’s Folklore took home all the big awards during the AMA’s. She even won the artist of the year for it. From the looks of it, Taylor for once seems really happy. We hope that the queen of country-pop and our hearts is safe and goes on to achieve more in her life.





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