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Bored people of the internet now have another pointless mystery to solve. It all began when Amy Schumer posted a funny picture of her, Hilaria Baldwin however did not understand the joke and was upset. Schumer proceeded to delete the post and it looks like they are friends now. Amid this Instagram drama, Hilaria posted a story of her explaining how she had been a victim of body shaming. It was during this video that someone called her out for not having a Spanish accent. Why does all this make sense? It really doesn’t. People are bored and this is the only thing keeping social media platforms alive at the moment.

hileria responds

Who is Hilaria Baldwin?

Hilaria Baldwin is an author, yoga instructor, and podcaster. She joined the Baldwin clan when she Married Alec Baldwin in 2012. They are now parents to 5 wonderful kids. Although she claims to have moved to the United States of America only after turning 19, claims have been made that she attended the school of Cambridge in the USA. Alleged former classmates of Hilaria claim that she went to school in the USA, didn’t have an accent then because she wasn’t Spanish. They even say that her name used to be Hillary.

The nationalities of her parents have also been questioned during this mysterious fiesta. However, it was found that both of them identify as American citizens. So why does Hilaria portray herself as a Latino?

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Debunking the mystery!

Internet is losing its shit and roasting Alec Baldwin’s spouse terribly. Several celebs like Nev from Catfish also joined this madness. He went on to tweet, “next time on catfish we find out if Hilaria is really Spanish” Twitter users even resurfaced an old video of her where she “pretends” to know know what the English word for cucumber is. During this one Twitter user even pointed out how her Wikipedia page had removed details hinting on her Spanish origins, recently.

Hilaria Baldwin on instagram


Hilaria Baldwin tries to explain herself in her last few Instagram stories. In the story, she says that she would visit Spain with her father frequently. This is true. It was during these trips that she had picked up on the language and would use it often to communicate with family that lived there. She further explains that she often finds herself mixing up both the languages and tends to forget a few terms from time to time. Problems of being bilingual. am I right? Even beau, Alec Baldwin came to her defense for this matter. However, as of now, it looks like this is going to be an unsolved mystery of the internet for quite some time.




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