Happy FRIENDSgiving

Celebrating during pandemic times can be a tricky affair. Few might not even find the point of celebrating. However, we are glad that most were able to carry on with covid festivities safely amid covid times. Courtney cox is one of the many celebs who made the holiday season during a pandemic survivable. Her holiday greeting topped all the others, without a doubt! Posting a video of her doing the chicken dance with her head stuck in the turkey gave us a major FRIENDS throwback! Stop playing with our fragile hearts Monica!!! We are still trying to recover from rewatching FRIENDS for the 100th time!


FRIENDS ended back in 2004. However, it’s still popular among the majority and is considered to be one of the greatest shows of all time. The show’s comedic timing, marvelous direction, and effortless acting are the reasons for it to be going strong even after a decade. If you think about it, a completely new generation of people are now enjoying FRIENDS. Although, during its original run time the show was considered to be rather racy. It was one of many shows to first to portray the LGBTQ communities. Few conservatives publicly threw shade at the show as all the characters were dating around too much, according to them.


FRIENDS is our lobster

Even though FRIENDS ended more than a decade ago it never really left the TV screens. All thanks to Netflix and NBC for keeping the show alive by re-running it. There were times when the network did try to discontinue the show forever. However, outrageous fans urged the network to bring back the show every time an attempt was made to cancel the re-runs. And every year fans have been religiously requesting the stars and producers for a reunion. After all these years, the producers have finally answered their prayers as the stars recently confirmed the reunion.

Supernatural -One Last Hunt

They were on a break!

They were just on a break after all.FRIENDS was ready to make comeback this year however due to the pandemic the shooting has been delayed. The cast hopes to commence shooting in 2021. They could do it on zoom if they want however the cast wants to do it right, with an audience. Which by the way, will happen in the same studio where FRIENDS was initially filmed. In addition to the cast, the original director and co-creators are coming back too.

It’s going to be a legendary reunion. We hope to pivot towards the reunion day asap!




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