Will Ferrell has made some great movies. This is not one of them but but here’s the silver lining it’s not what it was worst movies are there.

I actually found it very enjoyable very pleasant I would say I think this would make a wonderful like afternoon movie to watch especially because it’s already  on  Netflix

Right it’s very good act basically free with an all serious though seriousness all right when I was watching the movie I wasn’t sure if I would like it at all.

Eventually because I was watching it very late at night because I wanted to make the embargo time. but when I think back on it I’m glad I watched it and I actually would recommend that you at least consider giving it a whirl.

You are set all right, so here’s what makes your vision enjoyable. To me as an American I think my being an American had a big was a big factor in my liking.

This movie which i think is partially when Will Ferrell made it it’s very much an American making a movie about a European event and I’ll be curious what you think.

If you are both American and European or for someone else in the globe how that it maybe affects your viewing of this film.

Winn;s new movie


Eurovision’s a scenic treat to the eyes!

The European setting, Iceland is stunning. This movie has the tracking shots to prove it.It’s just the type of town Iceland’s famous for.

It’s like you can’t find a bad spot well it doesn’t seem like you can find a bad spot in Europe. I’m curious again how Europeans feel about it then also just not just the settings but it was this movie to me felt like a little bit of a celebration of Europe you do a celebration of the era what a celebration nonetheless.

Well yes Will Ferrell is American they did a fun thing with the credits at the end nationality flag of every actor. So yes Will Ferrell’s American Rachel McAdams is Canadian Pierce Brosnan.

I think they could have done more with that bit I also like seeing your own vision. I can’t believe I didn’t hear about Eurovision until I was told about this movie .

Didn’t know this existed even though it’s been around since the 70s. I feel attacked.  The movie starts and they’re like oh look here’s ABBA who I love winning Eurovision.

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Movie fimed internationally

You get a glimpse of the making in individual countries. Footages from when they get to the stadium the rehearsals are also shown. I loved seeing the stadium was beautiful.  Few have some comedic elements due to the kind of movie it is.


I look back at the movie fondly, so that’s my review of Eurovision. It’s a great afternoon watch for the weekend or any lazy quarantine day.


I think it would be a great distraction. It’s particularly interesting to an American so I’m curious what you think of it. If you think that you agree with me that it’s not as good as it could have been.


I mean I don’t know if you can make a better movie about Eurovision. I think they will only just be more like pitch-perfect. This is just a little bit of a couple of shades beneath pitch-perfect, to be honest.  I don’t love musicals . Full disclosure and so the fact that I fell in love with this movie at all is a miracle.




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