Dwayne Johnson unveils new sitcom

Dwayne Johnson has given us an early valentines present by unleashing a short trailer to his latest NBC gig-Young Rock! The sitcom is set to hit US Television on the 16th of February. As the name suggests the storyline is going to revolve the young rock himself. Being the brainchild of  The Rock himself and Nahnatchka Khan, the sitcom centres around various parts in the life of the title character and the encounters which moulded Johnson into the man he is today.

Ahead of its trailer debut, Young Rock has just uncovered its cast. Adrian Groulx will depict the primary character at 10 years old, while Bradley Constant assumes control over the part at age 15. Uli Latukefu finishes the triplet, as he plays Johnson when he was in his 20s. 

Dwayne Johnson in young rock


Alongside those significant exhibitions, and Young Rock set photographs prodding a portion of the show’s WWE association, it was as of late announced that Lexie Duncan will show up as Karen. The secondary school darling of Johnson, Duncan’s character fantasies about going to Barbizon excellence school. While fans actually need to stand by somewhat more to perceive how the entertainers charge with their depictions.

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This move implies NBC’s conviction that Young Rock will have the option to discover a whole new set of audience. The show has a touch of interest for the various fans that have witnessed Dwayne Johnson’s growth through his various professional changes. For the individuals who grew up watching Johnson in a wrestling ring, they’ll probably relive their childhood through the portion of the references to WWE and any conceivable unobtrusive gestures to the professional way which Johnson at last takes.

 For other people, who recognise the title character more from his status as a gigantic actor on the big screen, they may be enticed to watch it whilst keeping in mind the desire of seeing an alternate side to Johnson.

 Furthermore, for a lion’s share of watchers, it very well may be a sufficient attraction to have another show which consolidates a story about growing up with components of humour. Along these lines, Young Rock might actually coordinate the wide allure of This Is Us which is another NBC offering. This Is Us has various storylines unfurling throughout the span of a season that are intended to interest various crowds. 

Dwayne Johnson won 2020

Young Rock shall commence a bustling year for Johnson. The entertainer drives Red Notice and Jungle Cruise, the two of which are right now booked for discharge in 2021. He additionally has various ventures at present in different phases of pre-creation, including Black Adam and a spin-off of San Andreas.

More movies are yet to be released and announced during 2021 which involve Dwayne Jhonson in one way or another. Most of his work which we are yet to see shall be, displaying the resigned wrestling legend in natural light. Youthful Rock will break the pattern, offering insights regarding Johnson’s initial days that even superfans probably would be aware of.

Dwayne Johnson aka The rock hit a new milestone this year as he gets crowned as the highest-paid actor by Forbes. This is all thanks to his upcoming movies, Red notice and Black Adam. The rock can charge up to 20 million$ for a movie all credits to his exceptional acting skills. Along with his movie and tv commitments, The Rock’s also making that cash through the sales of his merch which include some sick threads and headphones! They are must-have forever Rock fan.

His estimated earnings for the year 2020 was a whopping 87 Million Dollars! Rock is presently ranked as the 10th wealthiest celebrity but he might reach that number one spot soon if things keep going his way which most certainly will because let’s be honest its The Rock!


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