Doom Patrol’s back and here’s our review!

Doom Patrol season 2’s out and here’s our review. I think about it.Wizard of Oz imagery at work here.  If you think Doran I believe that was also in the comics.  Think Dorothy’s performance is unusually nuanced for a child actor? Well, that’s because she is not a child actor.  She’s played incredibly well by Abigail Shapiro. 

She seems more like a child in many ways physically making her able to play Dorothy spinner.  On that note, Shapiro actually played Cindy-you who at the Grinch at Madison.

review on doom patrol s2



I’m excited to see what situation develops as the season also progresses. Charon’s Obol on is also a fantastic addition. He’s a love interest for cyborg. I love cyborg he’s great. She also finds her body transformed as a war veteran and that’s all set. 

Jovian Wade who again I really loved on the show gives him a lot to work with. It gives cyborg a much needed personal life of B storyline. He’s not just with the team although speaking of the team he is also trading Rita. Season two with her powers and the two of them together is a treat. Yes, all of your favorites from season 1 are back. They’re literally picking up right where the first season left off it almost feels like it was all flmd together.

Even though they’re back and it has the same feeling the story is still very much progress.  These characters are being developed and evolving it’s a delight. I love it. 

Brendan Fraser in the first three epis is particularly given an interesting storyline. He’s just so funny – he’s great here. You see a surprising amount of him  – it’s a lot of flashbacks I love the flashbacks for all the characters.

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The candlemaker

Can we talk about the shot with the candlemaker?? Candlemakers amazingly realized he’d be affected but what sells that shot is the horrified look on Timothy Dalton’s face.  Candlemaker wasn’t there when he shot it. He had to pull that from the inside and it’s amazing to think he was the rejected James Bond. He gained fame through a good television version of Jane Eyre reviews of Mr Rochester.  


Um, do Boutros season one is a must-watch!  If you haven’t watched it go get on that now !! Season two is a must-watch as a well great time for DC fans in many areas including the small screen.Do let us know what you thought of our review!


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