No matter how much we grow up we’ll keep coming back to the shows that made our teenage years worthwhile. Disney has been more like a guide to awesomeness for teens back in the early ’20s. Kids if you’re parents don’t appreciate the present shows it’s because they witnessed Disney’s best creations of all time! All your favorite superstars today are a product of Disney. Although these stars had promising careers as Disney stars we are glad they were able to leave Disney for good. Because, if they hadn’t done what they did the world be looted of some precious musical hits.

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Here are a few amazing stars rising from Disney:

1)Miley Cyrus

Miley began her acting career with Disney’s Hannah Montanna. The show revolves around a teen pop sensation, Hannah Montanna who lives a double life in order to maintain normalcy. The comedic series teaches you lessons of love and friendship. The kind we didn’t know we needed. May it be Miley’s friendship with Lilly and Oliver or her relationship with her dad and sibling. 

The show rightfully captures the essence of these relationships. However, Billy Ray Cyrus who happened to be playing Miley’s dad in the show too said that the show ruined their family. Miley too felt like she couldn’t evolve as an artist and a human by staying with Disney. However, rumors of a reunion are making it turns over the internet. Hope we get a reunion soon!

Disney's Hannah Montanna

2)Selena Gomez

The renowned singer made her acting debut at a very young age when she starred in Barney and friends. Although, she gained a massive following at the age of 13 when with Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place. The show depicts the life of wizards trying to fit in and live a  normal life in tody’s world. It had several guest appearances by stars like Dwayne Jhonson and Shakira. Selena chose to quit the show and take a break from the limelight as she felt her privacy to be almost nonexistent. She was just 15 and couldn’t comprehend why older people(the paparazzi) were clicking pictures of her.

3)Demi Lovato

Demi too kick-started her acting career at Barney and Friends. She made her Disney debut with Sonny with a chance. It’s a comical show following the story of a small-town girl who goes on to become a Hollywood actress, starring in a comedy series. Demi also stars in Disney’s camp rock which made record-breaking collections. She left Disney as a stint with a backup dancer led her to the doors of therapy. She has ever since been very vocal about her struggles with body image, 


4)The Jonas Brothers:

Jonas bros got their break with Disney! Although their show didn’t run as long as the rest, Disney did put them on the map. Not many might know this but the Jonas Brothers had a show on Disney known as ‘Jonas’.The show follows the lives of the brothers in a fictional school as they strive to lead a normal life. They even starred in Disney’s Camp Rock alongside Demi Lovato. The brothers still regret joining Disney. Joe even went on record to say that they became a joke and couldn’t evolve as a band because of Disney.


Either way, we are glad these stars broke out of the bubble created by Disney. Thank you for these musical gems, Disney!!


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