Catfish-The TV show is popular worldwide for its unique concept and investigative nature. The series that released back in 2012 has been creating buzz ever since due to the weird internet scams it exposes. ‘By scams’ I’m referring to the great emotional circuses one puts another through by pretending to be someone else on the internet. Befriending strangers in a digital world is extremely easy. But a friendly face on the internet may hide several twisted secrets. And that’s precisely what Catfish tries to do, expose the fakes. Originally hosted by Nev Schulman and Max Joseph, the show has successfully united several online couples. It has also been exposing several imposters or as they like to call them, catfishes.

Catfish the tv show's hosts


How Catfish began

Who wakes up one day and says “Hey?  Let’s make a show about uniting internet friends and couples?”! Well, Nev Schulman’s brother and a friend did, and look how good it turned out. Catfish’s viewers would be familiar with the romantic and optimistic nature of Nev. Well, fella’s thanks to our little gullible Nev we now have a sensible reality tv show to binge on.

Back in 2010 Nev too tasted a piece out of the internet love cake. His brother who was intrigued by his Lil bro’s exciting unconventional relationship decided to pick up a camera and film it. The documentary was released and achieved great commercial success. MTV seemed to have loved the concept and soon picked it up and turned it into a series. Currently, the show is on its 9th season

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Achy Breaky Heart

The story goes a little like this.  A young dumb broke Nev used to live with his brother Ariel in NY city when he received a painting from 8-year-old budding artist-Abby. They soon become friends on Facebook and Nev soon gets really invested in the little girl’s family. Quite creepy of Nev to befriend an 8-year-old? Don’t worry her mom was handling the account. Anyways. Abby soon introduces Nev to her hot cousin, Megan. Nev develops feeling for this young woman and spends most of his time texting her. This fairytale had several glitches, for example, Megan and Nev never video called.

Megan’s back story involved her being away for rehab. When the trio finally drove down to get into the bottom of this what they found was simply shocking. Abby was real. Although, Megan wasn’t. Abby’s mum used a family friend’s pictures and portrayed herself as this Megan character. They did confess that they in fact do have a relative who was away in rehab. The entire affair was managed rather calmly than you would imagine.Nev even got the chance to confront Angelea’s husband and he said he was aware of catfishing.

Cashing the heartbreak

Nev learned a few tough life lessons that day. However, he emerged as the strong courageous man we all see on our screens today. The documentary became a huge success and was able to make about 3 million dollars in the box office. Today, it’s a billion-dollar franchise! Nev now helps people to identify catfishes whilst helping the catfishes to grow and move on. The catfish encounters shown on the tv show takes us through worse emotional rollercoasters. Humans are just getting weirder and more creative. Catch Nev and Kamie help souls in “love” navigate through the obstacles, Wednesdays on MTV at 8 pm EST.




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