Black Panther Franchise strives to move on

It’s just been a few months since the world lost the real-life panther, Chadwick Boseman. The world is still trying to recover from his sudden domicile. However, rumors and speculations about the next addition to the Black Panther franchise have begun surfacing on the internet.

Black Panther-Wakanda forever

This is the first year in a long time that Marvel hasn’t dropped a movie on the big screens. The franchise is going to go under major changes due to the Og Black Panther’s death. The entire Black Panther team took some time off to mourn his demise and navigate through the situation. However, it looks like the team is back and all set to make him proud!

New members to join Wakanda

Going forward with the sequel without the king himself must have been really tricky and painful for the franchise. However, pre-production has begun and new additions have been made to the cast. Tenoch Huerta-Netflix’s Narcos fame is probably going to be the newest member to join the Black Panther family. Rumors about Rihanna joining the cast have also been making rounds on social media. This rumor began spreading like wildfire when Rihanna’s name began appearing in the cast list on google. 

Tenoch is the only actor that we know of who has given confirmation about discussing a role in the movie. Tenoch went on record to say that if he did end up signing the movie he would be a villain. This makes sense as no villains remain after the first movie.

Who’s the new Black Panther?

The biggest question however remains unanswered. Who will be the next black panther?? No indication has been given by MCU regarding this yet. Although, MCU has said that they shall not be making use of CGI to go move ahead with Chadwick conferring to preplans. We aren’t sure if MCU is even planning on hiring someone new to replace Chadwick. Replacing him would just be strenuous.MCU will have to think several times before casting someone for his role. As of now, it is almost impossible for anyone to see Black Panther being played by someone else.


Fans speculate Shuri to be the new Black Panther. This happens in the comics and would make a lot of sense. Shadowing her brother for all this while Shuri must be ready to sit on the throne and rule Wakanda soon. This would be a fair bargain for the fans as well. Because it’s simply too early to reimagine Black Panther as someone who isn’t Chadwick. We aren’t ready for it marvel!!!


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Almost all the movies in the Marvel world are connected. Thereby Boseman’s death impacts the entire Marvel universe. Casting a new black panther seems like the easiest way out but it’s more complicated than that. Several storylines are going to change. And we are sure Chadwick will smile down as he watches each one of it unfold from heaven.



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