Netflix to launch new shows

In July 2020, fresh TV shows, new films, and a whole lot of classic entertainment will arrive on Netflix. Looking for a place to start? Good news, you’re exactly where you need to be. Consider this your personal guide to the best of what’s coming to Netflix in July 2020. There aren’t a ton of new action movies coming to Netflix in July 2020, but there’s one notable comic book adaptation on the horizon that’s a must-see.


Netflix will unveil The Old Guard, a kind of superhero-Esque sci-fi actioner about a group of immortal assassins for hire. Starring Charlize Theron, The Old Guard is based on the Image Comics miniseries of the same name. Writer Greg Rucka,also wrote the screenplay for The Old Guard.

In the film, Theron plays Andy, the oldest member of the titular Old Guard. He takes on the role of mentor to a new immortal, Nile Freeman, played by KiKi Layne. “If we’re dreaming about her, she’s dreaming about us.” With an exciting cast  Old Guard is definitely the action movie to watch on Netflix this July.  Excited about Zack Snyder’s Justice League coming to HBO Max in 2021?  Get your Snyder to fix by rewatching his 2011 action-fantasy flick Sucker Punch, available July 1st.

We asked ,they heard!

If you want to take a vacation to Mars, you can go there with Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1990’s Total Recall, also available at the first of the month. The 2004 Nicholas Sparks-adaptation The Notebook is coming to Netflix on July 18th. Let’s be honest, even though you’ve probably seen it many times before, watching Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams have a love affair is something you can always watch again. “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.” Speaking of McAdams, the Oscar-winning film Spotlight, which dramatizes the incredible true story of how the Boston Globe uncovered decades of hidden abuse within the Catholic Church, arrives on Netflix July 22nd.

The spotlight may take some dark turns, but the film is ultimately a triumphant tale of what good journalism can do to protect a community from predators. If you’re a stateside subscriber looking for a foreign flick, the Polish film The Hater hits Netflix on July 29th. The Hater centres on a young man from a poor background who discovers power and success through manipulating individuals and groups online. A thriller plucked from the headlines, The Hater deals with not just how, but also why someone would destroy an individual’s good name or galvanize a movement with false propaganda.

Netflix to bring your fav classics back!

Plenty of classics to check out on Netflix in July 2020 as well. Catch Will Smith’s take on the namesake boxing champ in Ali, dropping on Netflix on July 1.  Netflix will release the mind-bending sci-fi reincarnation flick Cloud Atlas and the Edward James Olmos classic Stand and Deliver. These shows still inspires us to remember what a great teacher is capable of doing for their community.

Who doesnt love rom-coms?!

Obviously, you can’t spend all of July getting your face melted off by action scenes. You also need some light-hearted comedies in your life. Netflix has those this July. The month kicks off with the great disaster movie spoof Airplane!, starring Robert Hays as former fighter pilot Ted Striker and Julie Hagerty as Ted’s ex-girlfriend, Elaine, a flight attendant. If you’re more in the market for the dulcet tones of Tom Hanks, there’s the timeless romantic comedy classic Sleepless in Seattle, arriving on Netflix alongside Airplane! on July 1st.

Commedies to look out for

The big new comedy coming to Netflix on July 3rd is Desperados. Starring Saturday Night Live alum Nasim Pedrad, Desperados is a road trip flick about a woman named Wesley who writes a nasty email to a man named Jared when she becomes convinced he ghosted her after a one-night stand. But there’s a big romantic comedy twist we won’t spoil here. If you’re looking for a goofy, off-beat take on a road-trip story, Desperados is probably the movie for you. Netflix is also heading back to familiar territory with The Kissing Booth 2, coming out July 24. It’s the sequel to the 2018 film about Ell

If you’re looking to double-dip on road-trip movies in lieu of leaving the house, the Jason Mantzoukas comedy The Long Dumb Road hits Netflix on July 8th. Wrap up the month with Banana Split, the critically adored coming-of-age comedy about an unlikely female friendship, arriving on July 26th. Arriving July 19 is the complete ten-part docu-series The Last Dance, which chronicles the end of Michael Jordan’s basketball career. No matter how many ballplayers come and go in the NBA, Michael Jordan’s story remains the most synonymous with what makes basketball great.

Dalton and Ariana Grande go live on her b’day

The Last Dance is a great look into the pressures of being Michael Jordan at that time, and it’s riveting stuff. “Catch the ball when I throw it to you. I threw it to you.” The classic series Unsolved Mysteries is getting a fresh coat of paint beginning July 1.

Netflix to unleash the witches

The Witches is a great starter-kit horror movie if your kid is tough enough to handle a scare or two. On July 2, Warrior Nun, the live-action adaptation of the comic series Warrior Nun Areala, drops on Netflix. The series is about a group of fighting sisters who do battle with the forces of darkness. In a similar vein, to bookend the month, the second season of the graphic novel adaptation The Umbrella Academy comes out July 31st.

Katherine Langford’s back!

While we’re steeped in the world of the other, there’s Frank Miller’s Cursed, starring 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford, which comes out July 17th. Cursed is a what-if story centred on the Excalibur-and-King-Arthur legend, spun in the direction of a young woman instead. Instead of a typical Arthurian story, this version is focused on the mythical Lady of the Lake. Are you looking for a little more slice-of-life goodness in your TV series? There’s an adaption of the classic play 12 Angry Men coming July 10th called The Twelve. And if you’re looking for love, Say I Do will be perfect for you!

Netflix releases poster for cursed


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