Armie Hammer’s blacklisted

Entertainer Armie Hammer was dropped by WME, one of the greatest ability organizations of Hollywood, after the claims of barbarianism had surfaced against him. Hollywood, unfortunately, isn’t alien to cannibalism. Over the years several celebrities have been accused to have been taking part in the insane act of devouring human flesh. Giving internet geeks the fuel they need to keep afloat theories like the secret societies, looks like cannibalism is here to stay for a while.

Armie Hammer dumped

Prior in January, some unsubstantiated and unconfirmed screen captures surfaced, which contained a few messages from entertainer Armie Hammer. Armie Hammer’s DMs had writings of him discussing his dreams with ladies, which included making them his slaves, removing their toes and even barbarianism. After the charges emerged and got viral, Armie Hammer gave a public assertion, denying all the claims against him. Armie’s ex, Elizabeth Chambers, reacted to this occasion saying that she is totally stunned by it. On her Instagram handle, she said, “I’m stunned, sorrowful, and crushed. Catastrophe aside, I am tuning in and will proceed to tune in and instruct myself on this fragile issue.

paige on ex fling

 I didn’t understand the amount I didn’t have the foggiest idea. I uphold any casualty of attack or misuse and urge any individual who has encountered this torment to look for the assistance she or he needs to heal.”Armie Hammer’s ex, model Paige Lorenze likewise approached after these claims, saying that Armie was genuinely harsh in the relationship and left ‘checks and wounds’ on her. A couple of days after this occurrence, Armie Hammer ventured down from his forthcoming film with Jennifer Lopez, ‘Compulsory Wedding’. 

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He was supplanted by entertainer Josh Duhamel of the Transformers fame.In December 2020, his fans were celebrating subsequent to seeing the post on Armie Hammer’s Instagram, where he had proclaimed that he will star in the Paramount Plus arrangement, The Offer. The arrangement is about the Hollywood wrongdoing show establishment, The Godfather, and Armie planned to assume the part of the film’s maker, Al Ruddy. Notwithstanding, after the claims, Armie likewise exited The Offer.

Armie Hammer gets support

Among an ocean of individuals approaching with their awful encounters with Armie Hammer, TV character Bill Maher is really standing up on the side of the entertainer. The TV show host of HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher safeguarded the entertainer in the midst of charges of passionate and actual maltreatment by various ladies, which has just prompted him being dropped by his representatives, marketing expert and a significant film with Jennifer Lopez. 


During a new portion of his show, the host examined Armie’s DM outrage and said: “I figure we can discuss this corresponding to where woman’s rights are on the grounds that obviously, Armie Hammer has a preference to advise his dates he needs to ‘eat’ them. What’s more, who wouldn’t have any desire to be eaten by Armie Hammer? Please,” he said. “Evidently this is something many refer to as ‘moral human savage fetishism.’ No genuine ladies were eaten in the making of this film. They were simply talking. They have his writings, where he was making statements like, ‘I need to take your rib out and bubble it with grill sauce.’ We’re in such pornography driven society individuals have been observing truly bad-to-the-bone pornography for such a long time that ‘hit you’ doesn’t actually cut it any longer,” he proceeded. 

armie backed by old pal

My point is that the ones who are protesting this now, who went out with Armie Hammer energetically and remained in eagerly and there wasn’t actually terrible stuff occurring, OK… we would all be able to concur that is deplorable yet on the off chance that there wasn’t any actual compulsion, for what reason isn’t this just recorded under, ‘That appeared as though a smart thought at an opportunity to allow Armie Hammer to eat me yet it truly wasn’t.’ It seems as we don’t have any proprietorship anything else of our own decisions,” he proceeded to say.


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