Happy b’day Ari!

Just gotta start off by wishing our girl Ariana Grande a very happy 27th birthday! Fans flood social with pics of Ari to celebrate her b’day.Dalton, Ariana’s current bf helped make her bday more special.

Arianators even got the hashtag #HappyBirthdayArianato trend on Twitter! And Ari herself got in on the b-day fun with her own social media post. Thursday night, Ari posted a series of photosand videos of her dogs, herself, her best friend Doug Middlebrook, and even her realestate agent boyfriend Dalton Gomez to her Instagram page. She captioned the photos, “almost 27 :)” And while this may not seem like the biggest deal, this is actually the first time he has appeared in one of Ariana’s Instagram grid posts in a photo.

Dalton supports Ari

Dalton made a cheeky cameo and appearance on Ari’s IG grid in her iconic ‘Rain On Me’ promo clip with Lady Gaga, you know the one, where they play ‘Chromatica Weather Girls’?! If you look closely, Dalton was the luckyguy making it rain on Ari with a shower head! Like I said, iconic! She even shared some outtake footage of Dalton with the hose on her instagram stories.

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We also know that she made an appearance in the ‘Stuck With U’ music video, she’s had some cryptic posts, and he’s also poppedup on her stories here and there. But to celebrate her 27th birthday Ari officially went IG official with Dalton, taking their relationship to a new level! And fans couldn’t contain their excitementover this new photo of Ari and Dalton.

Dalton recieves approval by arinato

One person tweeted saying quote, “I’M SO HAPPY N UR SOOOOO PRETTY I CANT @ArianaGrande AND U AND DALTON LOOK SO CUTWEEE IM CRYING OMG,” Another said quote, “Look how happy and unproblematic she is. Omg, I love her so much” This person chimed in saying quote, “cutest couple ever” This fan added quote, “omg @ArianaGrandeis 27!!!! yessss happy birthday ari lol love you hope dalton is treating u good for your day” And this person tried to figure out their ship name writing “Tatiana” Ok, well that kinda sounds like it’s still work in progress! But we still ship these two! And fans can’t get over how happy they both look together.

Ariana Grande with bf Dalton Gomez

Hopefully, they are doing something fun today for Ari’s 27th! In case you forgot when Dalton and Ari became a thing, many outlets were reporting back in March that Ariana and Dalton were dating. TMZ also reported that he was the mystery man that Ari was spotted kissing back in February. Ari and him have been dating for quite a few months now. However, the couple didn’t confirm their relationship until May. The confirmation came when Ari and Justin Bieber released their music video for “Stuck With U.”

In the  music video, Ari was seen hugging, kissing, and dancing with him confirming that they were a couple. And fans have been here for these two ever since. And so have we.




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