Anushka Sharma trolled

Soon to be mommy Anushka Sharma is seen flaunting her baby bump on vogue. The star looks effortlessly gorgeous in the latest cover of Vogue India. The issue shall be covering her life in quarantine and of course documents her mommy vibes and plans as a celeb mother. Virat Kohli and Anushka announced the pregnancy online back in August 2020.Anushka has been giving us glimpses into her pregnant life every now and then on her social media. Although all her posts glamourous and cute it’s safe to say that it’s not easy to please the Indian audience. As more than half of her pregnancy posts have attracted baseless criticisms.

Anushka Sharma’s trolling saga

Anushka Sharma was first bombarded with negative critics when she posted a picture of her doing a handstand with the help of her beau Virat Kholi. In the picture, she appears to be heavily pregnant and flaunting that pregnancy glow all the way. However, neitizens were quick to point out that this stunt could harm the baby terribly. People raised concerns under the comment section about the health of both, the mom and the baby. Even though advices are welcomed, the commenters were straight up trashing the couple for their post and called them out for being careless

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kholi


Recently Anushka Sharma unveiled her cover for vouge by posting a picture of it on Instagram. Ever since the band Baja Bharat fame put it out, she is being criticized for going against the “Indian culture”. Few even accused her for attempting to make money off her unborn child. Which just sounds completely ridiculous. For the cover, Anushka poses in a suit completely revealing her baby bump and looks like a boss. Calling her out for such a picture while we’ve seen her in two pieces is extremely ridiculous. This is the same crowd that applauds the Kardashians for their nudity, so why such double standards when it comes to Indian celebs?!

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By now the couple must be immune to these criticisms since they’ve chosen to simply ignore them and go on to live their best lives, completely unbothered .They recently went on record to say that they do not want to raise a child in front of the media and create brat when they were asked about their plans about raising a child who is famous even before being born .As of now both Virat Kholi and Anushka Sharma are preparing for the arrival of their bundle of joy who’s about to arrive any time soon.



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