CAIRO – 19 February 2020: Popular singer Amal Maher uploaded her newest song “Enta Wahdak” on her official YouTube channel. The song is written by Turki al-Sheikh and composed by Saudi singer and composer Rabeh Saqer.

Amal maher enta wahdak

Maher sang her new song live for the first time on one of the major theaters in the Fifth Settlement on Valentine’s Day. During the concert, Maher performed a wide selection of her most popular songs and got high appraisal from the attendees.

Maher’s latest album, titled “Asl el-Ehsas”, was released in 2019, and consisted of 16 songs. In her previous album, Maher collaborated with the poets Tamer Hussein, Amir Teima, Khaled Tag el-Din, Nader Abdullah and Ayman Bahgat Kamar, in addition to the composers Amr Mostafa, Khaled Ezz, Tamer Ali, Tamer Ashour, Mohamed el-Nadi, Madien and Yasser Maged.


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