This piece needs no introduction. One can simply recognize a starlet from the get-go. Amal Maher is the epitome of dense talent, unparalleled melodiousness, and powerful vocal presence.

We had the chance to get Chart-topping singer Amal Maher for a transparent and unbridled interview to learn how she became a singer, her artistic approach, and how she’s willing to take the music industry by storm.

What first got you into music?

It all started when I was studying back then when my music teacher found out that I had such vocals from a young age. He was making sure to talk my father into supporting and nurturing my talent furtherly. Constantly encouraging him to keep an eye on me for what’s about to come if we took it seriously.

Who inspired you to make music?

Two of my favorites – Umm Kulthum and Fairouz – I grew up listening to them around the house, for my father was a keen listener and accordingly, it came naturally to me as well. An absolute favorite of mine.

You have created a unique taste in music in honor of the great past figures like Umm Kulthom, how did such heritage encourage you to create?

Without a doubt, such great figures left quite a significant impact and great material on today’s music, that allows any artist with a potential talent to have spacious media to create with no restrictions. That’s what encouraged me to go beyond expectations with such liberty to experiment and create.

Eih Binak W Binha was your big break, how did your perspective of the industry change since then?

A lot has changed since then, to say the least. The nature of the musicality and tones embedded are to name a few, and the necessity to create a synchronized rhythm to the chosen words is not necessarily a perk all the time. Not to mention, people would tolerate listening to an entire album that merges different sensations and tonality; however, this is no longer the case. People would rather listen to all of these combined in one song. The artist doesn’t get the same opportunity as before.


What is your favorite venue/event to sing at?

By far, The Opera House. This venue holds a precious place in my heart, I grew up listening to the greatest artists in the regions, and acquired all the art ethics that make a great performer. As for the event; I have to say, anything that gives me the chance to interact and feel the connection with people. This particularly makes me thrilled to have mutual sincere moments with the people especially when it comes to living concerts.

What is your most preferable song to perform?

Anything that has to do with my taste in music or the same-aged generation, be it a romantic lyrical song or even a dramatic one. All it matters, if the music and the lyrics can interpret what we feel and desire to say.

Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I can’t name a specific person to be frank; however, I love to collaborate with all the talented creators and artists on the scene. As long as it adds to me and speaks of my potential.


If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Inclusively addressing this, I would want to create a new style for the music, its composition, and the lyrics that tell a storyline. To generate some originality that brings people together on a cultural, intellectual, and emotional scale altogether. Something that makes future youngsters look up to.

As the starlet you are, what is the value of family to you?

Family is the cord that supports any artist prior to their talent. My family means the greatest to me; that’s why I take their feedback into deep consideration for I trust them without a doubt. A supportive family is what makes or breaks an artist.

What would you advise the upcoming generations with, be it in life or the music industry in particular?

To keep working on themselves relentlessly and non-stop. Everything around us keeps changing and they have to keep up with that change. Anyone, whether an artist or not – would fade if they stood still and fought change. I would say – be authentic and genuine with you and your music no matter what, it’ll make you closer to people. And if they fail, just keep trying until they get it right.


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