Let us breathe Harry!

Ever since his 1D days, Harry Styles has won hearts all around the world with his astounding voice and charm. After the disbanding of 1D, we saw all 5 of our favorite boys embrace their personal tastes in both music and fashion. Harry’s surely winning the fashing game! His bold choice of gender-fluid attire from last year’s Met Gala grabbed every fashionista’s attention. Few are still obsessing over the black outfit! However, Mr. Styles has already blessed us with more breathtaking looks as he poses for Vogue. Yes! You read that right! The Lil boy from Chershire’s now the first male to be seen on Vogue’s cover!

Harry Styles poses for Vogue

The interview

Posing in elegant dresses, Harry has started a revolution in the fashion industry.  This is a huge step ahead for humanity itself as it breaks all gender-related norms. Fans are celebrating his success and trying hard to not drool all over their screens looking at his pictures. The vogue interview covered a lot about Harry’s personal and professional life. He spoke quite passionately about his music and expressed that he can’t wait to go on tours again. While asked to choose between his residences in LA and London, the lad said home is home,i.e London.


“Will you shut up man”

Wise men once said that one can’t please everyone. It holds true in Harry’s case as Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro shamed his outfits for Vogue on Twitter. Both of them quite blatantly questioned his masculinity over his choice of outfits. Piers Morgan too trashed Harry’s outfits by straight-up calling it weird. I pity all three of them for being complete asshats. A world-famous pop star embracing gender-fluid outfits gives thousands the courage to embrace their true-self. It allows them to be seen in the attire their most comfortable in. In an outfit that truly defines them. Isn’t that what fashion’s all about anyway? Playing with textile and colors to show off one’s individuality?!

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Anne defends Harry

Anne, Harry’s mom came to his defense as she explained how his childhood might have played a role in him being into gender-fluid clothes. She said she would love playing dress-up with Harry and his sister Gemma when they were younger. Gemma wasn’t really a fan of it. Harry, however, would enjoy it. She’s proud of her son for breaking all societal stigmas and embracing himself. She also spoke about toxic gender roles and the impact it may have on one. She’s just one proud mama gushing over her kids’ accomplishments and she’s totally right to do so.

Simply revolutionary

Vogue’s issues are always a delight, Harry Styles in a gender-fluid attire is just the cherry on the top. Vogue and Harry both know how to use art to make a rather political statement. They’ve not just started conversations about gender-fluid garments but have also used the platform to shut down toxic gender norms. A man can wear what’s labeled as women’s clothing without losing his masculinity. A woman can wear “men’s” attire without scarring her womanhood. If it was meant to be any other way God would design clothing for the first humans instead of forcing them to wear leaves and fur.



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