A suitable boy

A suitable boy aired on Netflix during July. It has been able to capture a huge audience ever since its debut. Set in 1951 the series takes us through the life of an Indian girl in a newly free India. The show has a 5.6 IMDB rating and was able to bag a good 67% by rotten tomatoes. A suitable guy is a show that rightfully portrays the dating life of an Indian. One would be lying if they said the dating scene has changed even a bit. However, this innocent tale has been receiving backlash as MP police register an FIR registered against it.

FIR gets registered against A Suitable boy

On Sunday,22nd November Madhya Pradesh police were probed registered an FIR against the Netflix show “A suitable boy”.Narottam Mishra, the Home minister of MP said that concerns were raised regarding the show hurting the religious sentiments of people. Thereby, an FIR has been lodged against the VP of Netflix India and the platform’s director of public policy. The minister took on to Twitter to raise concerns about the same. In his tweet he requests the police to check if the show broadcasts any kissing scenes set in temples. According to him, this scene may hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Twitter reacts to A suitable boy’s temple kissing scene

This issue has yet again divided the internet. Several users seem to be against the FIR and believe the minister is overreacting. One user’s tweet said whats the point of banning it, Hindu temples are filled with artistic sculptures depicting romance. The user didn’t hesitate to point out that Hinduism is a welcoming and broad-minded religion and celebrates the love of all kinds. Another user said that if one doesn’t like it one must simply not watch it. If one doesn’t like another’s face he can’t ban him from public places.

A Suitable boy


Few others who completely agree with the minister had some interesting tweets too. One of the twitters was urging to prohibit and ban the double standards of OTT platforms. Most, however, tried banning Netflix in the country by attempting to trend #boycottnetflix on social media platforms.

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Is it even worth it?

According to me, the FIR is irrational. In a country where the ancient temple wall narrates their own love stories, a kissing scene shouldn’t be made a major issue. Moreover, Hinduism itself promotes the love and acceptance of everyone. However, Netflix is also making the country proud on an international level. With Delhi crime winning an Emmy the chances of banning Netflix is 0.

What do you think about the FIR? Is it reasonable?



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